We learn through play!

  • Hear each other’s ideas and perspectives
  • Review their thinking to incorporate the thinking, experiences and ideas of others
  • Articulate their thinking in such a way that peers and understand their thinking and knowledge
  • Verbalise ways of approaching a task that allows all parties to be engaged
  • Organise their thinking and forward planning to accommodate all others perspectives.

When playing, they may also…

  • Develop problem solving skills when their game crashes down.
  • Develop resilience when they have to rebuild.
  • Develop play-entry skills and the ability to invite people into your game.
  • Develop planning skills about what character they are going to be in the game.
  • Develop fine motor skills when making props and costumes (we make headbands, masks and box constructions. To do this, children draw, cut, stick and paint with various materials).
  • Develop pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills (learn the purpose of reading, writing and numbers).
  • Develop literacy skills by writing signs (or other texts relevant to their game), and looking at different letters required to write a word.
  • Develop conflict resolution skills when things don’t work out right.
  • Develop gross motor skills when moving big blocks.

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