Starting Kindy

Helpful Advice
Before starting at Kindy, your child may be helped by some positive preparation. A positive start is less stressful on everyone.

  • Be positive and excited yourself about this new step
  • Build excitement by talking about growing up and being old enough to come to Kindy
  • Encourage independence by expecting your child to do more things by themselves
  • Have children mix and speak with more adults to build confidence and wider experience
  • Drive past the Kindy and let your child see where they will “go to school”
  • Talk about self-management tasks such as going to the toilet, eating their lunch, using table manners
  • Use their Kindy Bag for some excursions before starting
  • Practise using their sheets to set up a rest area
  • As you name all items share the fun of having all their own special belongings to look after

Hints for Saying Goodbye

When you arrive at Kindy, allow yourself time to share an activity with your child. This will show that you are interested in the activities and their day. If you have a busy morning tell your child that you will stay for a short play.

When your child is settled, leave. Do not prolong the farewell. Always tell your child you are leaving, and when you will return.

Farewell, staff so they know you are going. Staff will be ready to provide extra support that your child may need at this time. If you leave a crying child, we advise you telephone the Service later to assure yourself that the child has settled. If there is prolonged stress, staff will let you know. It is essential that families and staff work together to develop a child’s confidence and trust.

At the end of the day, greet your child warmly. Talk about things you have done as this may encourage them to talk about their day. There will be photos playing on the TV which you can use to spark a conversation. Children may respond with “nothing” when asked what they have been doing as they are often tired and may need time to just unwind at the end of a busy day.


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