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Rise Early Learning Epping Road’s path to high quality early childhood education and care is guided by the principles of The Phoenix Cups Framework, Walker Learning Approach and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Approach. Through these influences we are equipped to personalise learning and maintain respect as the basis for all that we do, respectively.

Our service believes in the importance of connecting to the natural world and acknowledge the endless opportunities for learning found outside. We embrace risky-play as a natural desire and need for children and recognise our responsibilities in supporting children’s holistic development through active play outdoors.

We are located in Epping Road and are close to surrounding areas including: Macquarie Park & North Ryde. If you are looking for childcare within these areas please reach out and book a tour with us.

Exceeding National Quality Standards

The service has been awarded the highest possible accreditation rating (Exceeding National Quality Standard in all seven areas) by the NSW Department of Education in February 2021.

Principles Underpinning Practice

Our service practices are upheld by principles of nurture and respect. We respect children wherever they are in their own learning journey. We recognise children’s fiery curiosities and respect their right to play. We view children as citizens of the world, who have a right to a say in matters affecting them. We advocate for children to know they are heard and valued from infancy right through to preschool-hood and beyond.

Our dedicated team of educators are the backbone of our service. Ongoing professional development is embraced and recognized as the fuel for driving high quality early childhood education and care practices. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team with a strong supportive and collaborative culture.

The Rise Difference

Nature Play

There is overwhelming evidence that a child’s wellbeing benefits greatly from natural and outdoor play spaces. 

Our outdoor learning environments and community gardens provide children with opportunities to learn about sustainability and engage in nature play. Our program includes caring for our worm farm, as well as exploring Eden Gardens and Lane Cove National Park. 

Life Skills

A large part of our daily learning in the classroom focuses on supporting the children in their development of practical life skills.

 Our Life Skills Program extends upon this embedded practice by providing children with opportunities to engage in food, science and cooking experiences, as well as visiting the local farmer’s markets.

Cultural Appreciation

Our Cultural and Community Appreciation Program supports children’s developing sense of identity and  builds upon their growing understanding of their place within their community. 

Through music, dance, and creative arts, we encourage children to communicate, problem-solve, and develop social and emotional skills. All children engage in experiences beyond the centre, building connections to their diverse community. these experiences include volunteering Grandparents and visiting St Peter’s Aged Care Facility. 

Mind and Body

Our Mind and Body Program includes yoga, Bright Stars dance, Rebels Sports Program, Athletics on the Rotary Oval, as well as playing on the tennis courts. 

 Freedom of movement and providing children with regular opportunities to engage in age and developmentally appropriate guided experiences supports their physical, social, emotional & cognitive development.


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