Welcome Rise Early Learning Epping Road

After eight years operating our Epping Road centre, we’re undergoing an exciting change.

We’re becoming Rise Early Learning.

We will continue to be dedicated to providing the best quality care and education for your family. So, while our name is changing, the team is here to stay.

As Rise Early Learning, we believe in providing children with fun, safe and stimulating educational environments. Our curriculum provides a holistic approach to learning, encompassing tailored learning methodologies which cater for each child’s individuality and learning environment.

We will also continue to provide outdoor play, regular excursions and incursions, nutritious healthy meals and all of the other services we’ve always provided.

Why are we changing?

Thanks to the support of our fantastic families and staff, our Epping Road Centre has built a strong community over the past eight years. We’re proud to have developed our own philosophy, methodologies and programs, which you’ve come to know and love.

What does this mean for me?

The same excellent standard of service, outdoor philosophy and teaching methods, just with a new name.

What’s changing?

You may have noticed our website has had a refresh and we’ve designed some brand new uniforms for our staff, to match the new logo. Other than that, nothing changes.

Who’s running the centre?

We’re really proud of the incredible team we’ve built at Epping Road. We’re still family owned and operated and you’ll see all the same great educators around the centre, providing the same programs, with the same approach to learning, all delivered at our beautiful, nurturing centre.

We’ll also continue to ensure our staff are up to date on the latest training to deliver the best care for your kids.

Looking to the future

We’re incredibly excited to begin this new chapter together with you.

The happiness of our community is of utmost importance to us, so get in touch with us through our contact us page  if you have any questions.


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