Choosing the Right Childcare

By Emma Thomas – Full-time mum to an 18-month-old, part-time blogger and writer, with a background as a Kindy Teacher/Director

How do you choose a childcare centre? What do you look for when trying to pick a place to leave your baby or young child! A good centre will be like an extension of your family and will be a place where your child feels safe and secure.

Here are some important things to think about:

‘What does the centre feel like?

There is a lot of gut instinct involved in parenting and choosing a centre is no different. You want to visit a few centres and find somewhere that you feel comfortable and want to go back to. Have a look around as you arrive, what is car parking like? Do people seem happy? Is it safe and inviting for children? You will be visiting the centre many times each week so choose somewhere welcoming.

What are the educators like?

These are the people who will have the most impact on your child’s happiness, learning and development during their time in the centre. During a tour you won’t be able to meet every educator but you want to get a sense of things, do the educators seem engaged with children, were they friendly when you arrived?

What is the environment like?

The spaces in which we spend our time have a big impact on our mood. In early childhood we often refer to the environment as ‘the 3rd teacher’ due to the impact it has on children’s learning and development. Have a look and see if there are plenty of inviting toys and resources available for children, are things stored in a way which empower children to choose their own activities? Are the educators proud of their rooms and model care and respect of the environment

What does the program involve?

What will a day in your child’s life be like at the centre? Do the activities and experiences seem to be directed by teachers or chosen by the children? Look for a centre that has a strong educational philosophy and respects the individual needs and interests of each child.

How does communication happen?

Does the centre send emails, share photos or engage in conversation during drop off and pick up? Are families invited to contribute to the planning and what is happening in the centre. Communication is of vital importance and you want an understanding of what happens in your child’s day. Look for a centre which clearly respects families and shows this through communication.

Where is the centre?

Choosing a location which suits your family will make your daily routine easier. Think about arriving and leaving during peak hour and how many times a week you will navigate the carpark. You might look for a centre close to work or close to home. Think about who will be doing the drop offs and pickups regularly.

What does it cost?

Daily fees can vary greatly between centres. You need to find out what is included and if there are any extras. Some centres provide meals and nappies while others ask you to bring your own.

What makes the centre special?

Each centre has something which makes it special, it might have a great location or educators who have been there since it opened. They might run excursions into the community or have sports and music programs which visit. Think about what will suit your child and what they are interested in.

Once you have been to view a few centres you will have an understanding of what is available to you. You can then choose a centre and you will be guided through the orientation and transition process. This process is important to helping children settle more easily and build solid relationships with their educators.

Rise Early Learning Surfers Paradise, is a purpose-built state of the art early childhood service conveniently located in the heart of Surfers paradise. At Rise Early Learning Surfers Paradise, each child is provided with a high quality early childhood program, delivered in a beautiful, nurturing environment.

Our centre provide children with everything they need for the day including:

  • healthy, nutritious meals
  • nappies & wipes
  • sunscreen, and
  • a Qld Government Approved Kindergarten program.

We also offer:

  • Parent Education Programs
  • Bush and Beach Kinder
  • Little Scientists Program
  • And more!

Our centre is open 52 weeks of the year, from 7am to 6pm.

We promise to deliver high-quality early childhood education and care that provides positive life outcomes for children. You simply cannot miss being part of this spectacular centre, book your tour today!


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