Child dancing in a field at sunset

Dance whilst you talk

By Kylie Dawson It’s not just how much we talk with our children that impacts their current and future development, but the way we talk with our children that impacts their verbal and literacy skills, and the relationship that we create with them. Two researchers, Hart and Risley (1995), conducted in-depth and important research into …

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three children painting

Fun with paint!

By Emma Thomas Paint! So much fun, so much learning, so much mess! For most children all you need to do is turn them loose with a pot of paint, a brush, something to paint and an area you don’t mind cleaning up. But if you need a little more inspiration, here are some fun …

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child riding bike through mud

Magical Messy Moments

Magical Messy Moments Written by Jo Fletcher Pick up time from Preschool. While you are collecting your little one’s bag and saying hi to her teachers, you see other children leaving with their parents, all displaying differing levels of chaos – paint on their shirts, half a soaking wet sleeve, dirt and mud on their …

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